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That Foursome Included Sophomore Paytan Schut, Freshman Sierra Foster And Seniors Tatum Nearmyer And
16.04.2017 04:34

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Host Norwalk won the meet with 133 points, Dallas Center-Grimes scored 128 points and Grinnell was third with 109.5 points. PCM scored 100 points in fourth. The rest of the field was Winterset (98.5), South Tama County (84), Knoxville (51) and Nevada (30). The Norwalk meet is always a tough one for us because we are the only 2A school there, PCM coach Bridget Martin said. Its a great opportunity for us to take advantage of some tough competition. Not only was the competition tough, but so were the weather conditions. Senior Jayci Vos won another gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles. This time, she finished the race in 1 minute, 10 seconds. The other win came in the 4x400 relay. That foursome included sophomore Paytan Schut, freshman Sierra Foster and seniors Tatum Nearmyer and Rachel Stafford, and they finished in 4:28.36. We did a good job competing with the competition, Martin said. As the season progresses, we continue to try to figure out a few things.

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