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Kevin Tieman, Of The Cass County Sheriffs Office, Said Wednesday Evening.
13.04.2017 00:11

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Runions, 21, was last seen Sept. 8. Her death is being investigated by Kansas City police as a homicide. Jeff Banister addresses the Rangers' ninth-inning issues 0:31 Tarrant County's 10 Most Wanted Criminals, April 5 1:40 Sam Dyson dissects his troubles after Rangers' loss Tuesday 1:35 Yu Darvish aims for better command in second start 0:24 Arlington's Prop 2 sets high standards 1:06 Disappointed Adrian Beltre reveals new calf issue 0:43 Thieves posing as water dept. Chris Ochsner The Kansas City Star Because the second skull appears to be much older, it could take months to identify. Read More Identification of remains found in Cass County hinges on how intact they are Right now, we really dont have a time frame of when we will have results on the other victim, Capt. Kevin Tieman, of the Cass County Sheriffs Office, said Wednesday evening. Investigators will resume searching the wooded location near the quarry, and by the highway, Thursday morning. Nearly 100 investigators from several agencies are expected to help. Family members of Runions and Kara Kopetsky, who has been missing for 10 years, were alerted as soon as the first bones were found. They were told it could take awhile to identify the remains.

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